Lewinson Arts goal is to spread art all over the world, in the page Amigos a los que les gusta Lewinson Art, every month chooses an artist to interview, in July 2018 she chooses Adrie Van Nieuwenhof, for his quality and beauty of his art works, congratulations

1. -Where are you from?

I was born and live in Helmond city, province of North Brabant in the Netherlands

2. In your artistic life what interesting experiences have you had?

2.- As a child I drew Disney characters, when I was 8 years old I drew all of my own cartoon figures. My mother told me, when I was 6 years old I said: that when I will be an adult, I want to become a comedian to make people laugh , and a cartoonist to make beautiful cartoon books for children. I drew a lot and also I liked finger paint . At the age of 13, I participated in a photo contest for fun and of the 30,000 people, only 30 won an exhibition... in Amsterdam,

I was one of the 30 who had won. When I was 30 years old, I started into ceramics, I had talent and the art school arranged for me, some exhibitions, and was soon asked to show my work. Since 2014, I exhibit my paintings in Italy, Mexico, Belgium, Argentina, Austria , India, Germany, Maroc, USA, England, Spain, France, Peru, Romania, Macedonie, Iran ,North korea ,South korea Japan, Turkey , Kazachistan, ,Lebanon , Canada, Pakistan, Uruguay , Rusia, Nepal , Ecuador, Denmark, Croatie and Dubai Since 2014 I became also an art curator for Holland and India and Maroc. I also organize exhibitions (a3art.nl & Art friends on tour) for my art friends' which are in a international group of art and we exhibit in Holland, Belgium ,Germany and France In 2017 and I organized exhibitions for art children from different countries. The exposition is a tour ,a3art.nl & art kids on tour.

3. What interests you to express in your art work?

3.- As a child I had a lot of imagination, I had ideas, art is also a therapy. I am always busy with it because it is part of me. In my work I can put everything in.

4.-Do you have a special style?

4.- I dont have a fixed style. I am self-taught and I have also created a technique of my own. But my work is modern / abstract / cartoon style/ collage / and my own style .... I have art works that are a mix of a few styles

5.-Have you had an exhibition that you consider the most important or interesting, for some reason?

5.- The most important and interesting expositions were , In Gubbio Italy was my first exposition out of my country , there I win a title Con Attestato di merito rilasciato all Artista emergente , and in Choucy France was the second one voted by the public and in India i won and I was selected by a jury But there are many special places, Torre Branca in Milan or in Castle's , Governament buildings . But I am very proud of my projecta3art.nl & art kids on tour , the kids are my friends and great artists.

6.-Which artists are your favorite?

6.- Gaudi ; because I like his ceramic city in Barcelone Spain M.C. Escher ; His engravings often depict impossible constructions, studies of infinity and matching geometrical patterns (surface divisions) that gradually change into completely different forms Salvador Dali: Because he has an infinite imagination Frida Kahlo : she makes special art about how she feels and also she had a great imagination and she was a strong woman in the time when women were not allowed to make art Basquiat : I like street style, underground art and he was a born artist too Vincent Van Gogh: because he was a special man and a great artist, he painted normal and poor life and he is the best dutch painter

7.-Do you want to transmit some message with your work?

7.- I usually make what comes to my mind, or I work in natural trance, all my works have a story or expression or message / theme.

8.-What does art mean in your life?

8 .-After my divorce and my relationships rupture I am amazed, and started with ceramic and drawing and painting, that is a good therapy for me and I can express myself only in art .. I have found myself, I come closer to myself, art is my life .... life is art ... I am art

9.-Which techniques do you like to work with?

9.-Not with brushes just with my hands, but out of sight, sometimes with an incense stick and sometimes the plastic does the work. But I work with acrylic paint, and keep discovering and experimenting

10.-What would you do to bring art closer to people?

10 .- I want to exhibit in many countries .. i have an adult exposition group, aproximately 90 artworks from artist all over the world (a3art.nl & art friends on tour ) and a kids group (a3art.nl & art kids on tour ) I like to connect with people and work together to be all 1 in art world