Lewinson Arts goal is to spread art all over the world, in the page Amigos a los que les gusta Lewinson Art, every month chooses an artist to interview, in April 2020 was choosen the Duo A&I Polyak Art, for their quality and beauty of their art works, congratulations.

1. Where are you from?

1. The creative Union A&I Polyak Art is a Duo of two artists Alexey Polyakov and Irina Polyakova. Irina and Alexey are married and live and work in Moscow, Russia.

2. In your artistic life what interesting experiences have you had?

2. Artists are passionate about finding new ways of expression in art, have developed and promote a new style of painting that allows you to create unique canvases that cant be copied. "We draw ideas and inspiration everywhere – from the beauty of the world around us, from books we read, people's emotions, and even from dreams. It is important for us that the picture is not just beautiful or unusual, but excites feelings and thoughts, so that the viewer can go beyond simple contemplation and go in search of something new for themselves... or forgotten old. In our works, we share our emotions and thoughts on a variety of topics: philosophical, psychological, Theosophical, about the universe, nature and man in this world. Therefore, each of our work has its own history, " - say Irina and Alexey Polyakov.

3. What interests you to express in your art work?

3. Our interests have no borders. We study history, philosophy, literature, art history, culture of the peoples of the world, psychology, metaphysics, cosmogony. We love nature and animals. And all this we Express in our creativity.

4. Do you have a special style?

4. Artists Alexey Polyakov and Irina Polyakova work in an unusual style of painting, which they gave the name Deep Abstraction. In their works, artists weave abstraction and realism, "pulling" to the surface only one of the many images hidden in abstraction, leaving the viewer room for imagination and the ability to make their own discoveries. Features of the author's technique of creating canvases do not allow you to repeat the picture, each work is unique.

5. Have you had an exhibition that you consider the most important or interesting, for some reason?

5. There are many exhibitions in our creative life. All of them are important and interesting to us. It is difficult to single out any one. In addition to live exhibitions, we participate in major international competitions. The A&I Polyak Art Duo has been repeatedly awarded the title of Top Artist in various categories in international Internet communities. The works of the A&I Polyak Art brand are winners of numerous on-line competitions, have many award certificates, participants of the international exhibition of surrealism "Geysers of the subconscious" 2019, three times winners of the Golden Time London International Festival 2020: three Grand Prix. In 2020, artists Alexey Polyakov and Irina Polyakova and their unique Carinae were included in the VerbaArt encyclopedia of Contemporary Art.

6. What are your favorite artists and why?

6. We love the paintings of the old masters for their complete dedication to art. For their hard work, the ability to create colors with their own hands and convey the vividness of shades in a limited palette. We love Van Gogh, Claude Monet, Velasquez, Goya, Rembrandt, Millet, and admire the genius of Da Vinci. It is impossible to list all of them

7. Do you want to transmit some message with your work?

7. Appreciate and love the beautiful. Art is the only direction in the world that can change the world for the better and make people kinder.

8. What does art mean in your life?

8. Art is our life.

9. Which techniques do you like to work with?

9. All the works of our Duo A&I Polyak Art are written in acrylic. We combine different painting techniques in our work. We also work with oils, pastels, watercolors and graphic materials. Each of our works is made in the author's technique of Deep Abstraction, filled with emotions and meaning, makes the viewer think and feel

10. What would you do to bring art closer to people?

10. We convey our thoughts and our emotions through our pictures. We talk to the audience through visual images. Art should not only be beautiful, it should evoke thoughts and feelings. And we do this with each of our paintings.

All our paintings can be viewed here https://www.facebook.com/AIPolyakArt/