Lewinson Arts goal is to spread art all over the world, in the page Amigos a los que les gusta Lewinson Art, every month chooses an artist to interview, in May 2020 was choosen the artist Rashid Ad, for his quality and beauty of her art works, congratulations.

1. Where are you from?

1. I am from Pakistán

2. In your artistic life what interesting experiences have you had?

2. I met people in good manner.

3. What is the art for you?

3. It's my hobby.

4. Do you have a special style?

4. Its Figurative.

5. Have you had an exhibition that you consider the most important or interesting, for some reason?

5. i didn't have any exhibition because of poor financial conditions.

6. Who is your art teacher?

6. My teacher is Alshafiq Artist

7. Do you want to transmit some message with your work?

7. The world should have to focus on art work.

8. What does art mean in your life?

8. Art is everything to me, art is my passion and I cant compromise my art with anything.

9. Which techniques do you like to work with?

9. I use Oil paintings and Acrylic in my artworks.

10. What would you do to bring art closer to people?

10.There should be art classes in the school for the guidance of the student.