Lewinson Arts goal is to spread art all over the world, in the page Amigos a los que les gusta Lewinson Art, every month chooses an artist to interview, in February 2018 she chooses Elizabeth Mihaleva, for her quality and beauty of her art works, congratulations

This is the interview:

  1. Where are you from?


I'm from Russia. I was born and live in Saint-Petersburg.


  1. In your artistic life what interesting experiences have you had?


My most interesting impressions are related to contact with great works of art. This strong emotional shock remains with me for a long time after meeting with the masterpiece and encourages me to work, opens a new understanding.


  1. What interests you to express in your art work?


I work in two main areas: symbolism and landscape. But in fact, my work is always symbolism, because the main thing for me is the transfer of ideas. I do not set a task to portray some place. Each picture is a gratitude to the Creator for the wonderful world that he gave us, and an attempt to understand the role of man in this world.


  1. Do you have a special style?


Style is what makes it possible to distinguish one artist from another. I think I have my own style. I don't stick to any school, I don't try to imitate anyone. I am always in search of technical solutions and my painting is changing. But to know author always can be, because there is individual handwriting. And this handwriting is not in the hands, it is in the head, in the heart of the artist. I think so.


  1. Have you had an exhibition that you consider the most important or interesting, for some reason?


No. I hope that this exhibition is ahead of me.


  1. What are your favorite artists and why?


I like many artists. Many artists gave me an impetus to move forward, to understand the color , shape, composition and other intricacies of the art of painting.  But the most important thing for me has always been the Russian artist Mikhail Vrubel. Vrubel is a whole world filled with philosophy, images, music of color. All his works is very close and understandable to me since childhood.



  1. What does art mean in your life?


Art as creativity is an integral part of me, it is my way of life, my way of thinking. This is so for all creative people, I think. The creative needs to be  expressed in everything that you do.


  1. Which techniques do you like to work with?


I experiment a lot with the technique of painting. I like the process of finding ways to work with color. Coloristics - this is the area that I am most interested in. In addition, I like to work with the texture of the paint layer. This gives interesting effects. The possibilities of oil painting are very large.


  1. What would you do to bring art closer to people?


In my opinion, to bring art closer to people, it is necessary to make sure that they participate in it. We need to organize a lot of affordable studios where people of all ages could paint, sing, dance and much more for free or for a small fee. It is important that people can show their achievements. Then, through their participation, people will have an interest in art.




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